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Hove, England – International women cricketers are not ready to face the level of media apathy experienced in the county game, that’s the controversial claim being made by Sports PR Consultant, Charles Kilburn.

Kilburn’s comments come after it was revealed that England wicketkeeper, Sarah Taylor, has been in talks with Sussex over representing them in this summer’s second eleven championship, a competition renowned for negligible press coverage.

“Sarah’s time in the England women’s set-up has given her a solid grounding in being ignored by sports media, but she’ll find there’s a huge step-up to the level of overwhelming indifference you get when playing for a county second eleven” explained Kilburn, “Experiencing frustration at having your international sporting triumphs reduced to a three paragraph summation next to the dog racing results is one thing, but it’s nothing compared to the bleak ennui created by a deserted press box at Bishop Stortford.”

Sussex head of coaching, Mark Robinson, acknowledges the problems faced by Taylor but believes a suitable training program can be put into place to overcome them.

“It’s true that mankind knows no greater feeling of isolation than a failed Google news search for your name. With that in mind we’ve arranged a series of meetings with Nick Knight where he’ll talk to Sarah about his experiences as a Sky Sports commentator. If that doesn’t prepare her for the feeling of being completely ignored, I don’t know what will.”