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Dhaka, Bangladesh – Officials for the Bangladesh Premier League, whose debut season was dogged by complaints about slow payment of match fees, have admitted that it was a mistake to conduct today’s second season player auction in Deutchmarks.

With the competition gearing up for a January start, the issue of last year’s delayed payments had already led to a number of players withdrawing from the franchise based auction but concerns were heightened after it became clear that today’s bidding was being conducted on outdated software that still operated using a now defunct European currency.

“The problems we encountered with paying players have been resolved, “ assured a BPL spokesman, “but we will admit that auctioning players off in an obsolete currency like the Deutchmark may have sent out the wrong message. Hopefully this glitch won’t be taken as an indication that mistakes from last year will be repeated.”

Ken Wright, agent for Hampshire seamer Kabir Ali, is less certain:

“It’s deeply worrying that the BPL would conduct an auction in this manner. All the more so now I’ve received the paperwork for my client’s contract and seen that his twenty-five thousand Deutchmark fee has been converted into seventeen and a half thousand Tesco Club Card points. If all those are sent to his house in one go there’s no way he’ll be able to spend the vouchers before they expire.”

However, when Mr Wright’s point was put to the BPL, they offered what they claimed to be ‘an elegant solution’:

“How about a lifetime discount at Woolworths instead?”