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Nagpur, India – Following a day of attritional test cricket during which England scored a mere 199 runs in 97 overs of play, host broadcaster, ESPN Star, was forced to issue confirmation that their footage had been broadcast at the correct speed.

Earlier in the day, the Indian based media giant had found itself inundated with complaints from viewers convinced that coverage of the match was being erroneously broadcast from the Super Slow-Motion cameras normally reserved for replays of contentious umpiring decisions.

“We had no option but to issue a clarification,” explained a spokesman for ESPN Star, “Some of our more inexperienced viewers, new to cricket since the introduction of Twenty20, appear to have confused slow play and footage broadcast at the incorrect frame rate.”

Incensed Twenty20 fan, Amkit Singh, was one of those who complained.

“The play was ridiculously slow. There were so few boundaries. I don’t think I saw the dancing girls perform once all day. And sixteen overs bowled in the hour but only four ad breaks in that time? How are you supposed to stay focused when all they show you is cricket? I had to keep switching across to the 24 hour shopping channel to convince myself I was watching the game I’ve recently discovered I love.”

ESPN Star remained unapologetic, however:

“We have no control over how the test is played. So it’s not our fault if viewers feel the match is dragging, although we will admit that Ravi Shastri’s commentary might be a contributory factor.”