Mumbai, India – A YouTube video featuring recent performances by the Indian national cricket team has been branded by campaigners for a cleaner Internet as “containing some of the most disturbing imagery currently found online”.

The video, which covers the last two years of Indian cricket, is called “Two Coaches, One Cup” and already has over twenty million ‘hits’. Amol Banerjee, chairman of Indians for a Safe Internet, explained his concerns:

“The video starts off innocently enough with coverage of India’s World Cup triumph in April 2011, after that it takes a darker, far more disturbing turn. Some of the things that are shown are way beyond what is acceptable. How can anyone agree to be filmed in such humiliating match positions?  But the more distasteful the footage becomes the more Indian cricket fans are daring each other to watch it. I’m concerned over the effects of them being exposed to such material. There’s the danger that people will become desensitised and start to believe that what they’re seeing is normal behaviour.”

However, a spokesman for YouTube was quick to dismiss Mr Banerjee’s concerns.

“Footage of the England v West Indies series of 1988 has been on our site for years. If England fans can watch “Four Captains, No Chance” with no more ill-effects than an obsession with out-of-tune chanting, I think Indian supporters will be ok.”