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Christchurch, New Zealand – New Zealand sports writers have reacted in surprise to today’s sacking of Ross Taylor, after admitting they were completely unaware he was the captain of their national side. Taylor, known throughout the cricket world as the good New Zealand batsman who isn’t Jesse Ryder, had in fact been named as Daniel Vettori’s full-time replacement over eighteen months ago, an event that appears to have passed by the nation’s rugby obsessed sports journalists.

“I’ve got to hold my hand up and admit I was completely blind-sided by this,” admitted Pete Smith, chief sports correspondent of The Waikato Times, “I had absolutely no idea he was New Zealand captain. When did they get rid of the Harry Potter guy then?”

Simon McCabe, lead sports writer on the Wellington based Dominion Post, was equally nonplussed, “I can’t keep up with the fast pace of New Zealand cricket, one minute Jeremy Coney is captain, you look away to write a few features about rugby and by the time you look back they’re sacking someone you’ve never heard of before.”

But in a more positive outcome for New Zealand cricket, Taylor’s sacking has seen their national cricket board raise two places in the ICC Mismanagement Rankings to fourth. That puts them just behind joint leaders Cricket Australia and the ECB, who score highly for undermining 130 years of tradition by organising back-to-back Ashes series, and the BCCI who are third after being recently outmanoeuvred by an octogenarian groundsman. The Pakistan Cricket Board remain at a decade long low placing of fifth after a disappointing period when they’ve not done anything particularly stupid.

It remains to be seen whether the improved placing for New Zealand Cricket will edge out injury news of the Canterbury 2nd XI scrum half in the nations newspaper sports supplements.