Kolkata, India – After a disastrous day in the field that was riddled with errors, India’s fielding coach, Trevor Penney, was forced to admit that his side’s traditional morning warm-up routine of a game of Statues “may be setting the wrong tone.”

Statues, a childhood game based around standing completely still, is used by India to begin each session of fielding practise. At a hostile press conference with local media, Penney admitted that the game’s emphasis on immobility may have seeped into India’s fielding performance on the second day of the Kolkata test.

“It did appear that several of the guys were trying not to move whenever the batsmen turned to look at them. That’s fantastic technique in a game of Statues, but not so much in cricket.

However, I can reassure Indian fans that I’ll be re-doubling our efforts during fielding practise tomorrow morning. Something I’m sure the players would like to back me up on, although, unfortunately, that’s one of the core fielding skills we’re still working hard to improve.”

England resume their first innings tomorrow at 9:00am. It’s currently unknown at what time India will begin fielding.