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Kolkata, India – It’s been quite the week for Prabir Mukherjee, 83-year-old head groundsman at Eden Gardens, after a standoff with Indian captain MS Dhoni, whose request for a pitch that turned from day one he described as ‘immoral’, was followed by a refusal to allow the BCCI to gag him from speaking to the media.

But the most dramatic twist in Mukherjee’s preparations for tomorrow’s third test against England came to light this morning with the discovery that he’s been offered a contract by the ECB to act as their chief negotiator in future dealings with the BCCI.

“I can confirm that an approach has been made to Mr Mukherjee, “ explained a source within the ECB, “he struck us as a man of principle who wouldn’t be intimidated by the Indian cricket authorities financial clout and that’s a skill set we’ve never had at the ECB before.”

But with Mukherjee’s lack of experience in high level sports negotiations, was there any internal debate before offering the position?

“Not really, the suggestion was put to a board vote and as soon as the members heard the phrase ‘BCCI’ they automatically stuck their hands up in agreement.”

The third test at Eden Gardens starts tomorrow. Mr Mukherjee was unavailable for comment as he was busy “having a nice afternoon nap.”