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Manchester, England – As controversy continues to surround last night’s professional boxing debut by Andrew Flintoff, one of the sport’s biggest names, promoter Frank Warren, has hit back at critics by suggesting “cricket should put its own house in order” and branding the current test between South Africa and Australia “a clear mismatch”.

“I woke up this morning in time to watch the game’s third innings and was appalled by what I saw, “ explained Warren, “the match referee should have stopped the contest long before South Africa reached 230/2 in 38 overs. Australia’s attack was taking far too much punishment. Mitchell Starc’s bowling analysis looked like a car door had been repeatedly slammed into it.”

Warren also had harsh words for the Australian coaching set-up.

“When you see as defensive an opponent as Jaques Kallis repeatedly punching and hooking your guy without reply, that’s when, as a coach, you need to step in. Frankly, Australia are failing in their duty of care if they allow their players to walk out into the middle at the start of the third day, as everything I saw this morning suggests that this has been a complete mismatch.

That’s why the criticism of the Flintoff fight has been so over the top. At least he had an opponent capable of defending themselves.”

The third test between Australia and South Africa resumes tomorrow morning. It’s not know if this will be the first international cricket match to be decided by TKO.