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Perth, Australia – In an emotionally charged press conference at the WACA this morning, Ricky Ponting announced that tomorrow’s third test would be his last before “following Sachin Tendulkar’s hand-eye coordination into international retirement.”

Press speculation over Ponting’s future had been mounting for some time but Australia’s leading test run-maker was keen to point out that the only influence over the timing of his retirement had come from his peers.

“I was impressed with the dignified way that Sachin Tendulkar’s hand-eye coordination bowed out of international cricket at the start of last year. It was done in such a low-key manner that most people didn’t realise it had gone until months later.”

Ponting’s final test will be the 168th of his seventeen year career. His original hairline, which itself retired from public life in 2007, is not expected to make an appearance.