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Columbo, Sri Lanka – New Zealand elation at today’s 167 run test victory in Columbo was tempered with disappointment after their success received so little coverage in mainstream media that it even failed to incite an ill-informed posturing tweet from celebrity sports opinion volcano, Piers Morgan.

New Zealand’s win was their first in Sri Lanka for fourteen years and levels the current series 1-1, yet had the misfortune of being played at the same time as a high profile India/England series and the shoot out to be number one ranked test nation currently being fought between Australia and South Africa.

New Zealand media manager, Clive Antler, explained further:

“Firstly, thanks for the call, you’re the only person I’ve spoken to all day. I was beginning to think my phone was on the blink. And that should give you an idea of our problem. There’s so much cricket being played at the moment we’ve kind of been overlooked. Even Piers Morgan isn’t talking about us and normally that guy will tweet claptrap about two flies climbing a wall or even a snooker match. In fact we’ve become so low-profile I can’t remember the last time he had an ill-tempered, not-at-home-to-the-facts rant about us.”

ThatCricketBlog asked sports PR expert, Neil Reid, if he had any advice to help New Zealand cricket:

“Other than becoming a much more interesting sports nation, their best bet is for one of the players to strike up a pretend twitter friendship with Morgan. Flatter him a bit by not calling him an idiot like everyone else does on Twitter.”

However, New Zealand’s under-employed media manager was unimpressed with Neil’s suggestion.

“Not even Jesse Ryder has ever been drunk enough to agree to that. I think he’d rather put his hand through a glass window again.”


New Zealand’s next tour is to South Africa in December. Piers Morgan is currently arguing on Twitter about Astroturf. Probably.