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Kolkata, India – In a surprise move, India’s selection panel have left national icon Sachin Tendulkar out of their squad for the third test at Kolkata after replacing him with the Hawk-Eye ball-tracking system.

The controversial selection, seemingly at odds with the BCCI’s previous hard-line stance on the use of technology in cricket, comes after Tendulkar’s place in the team had been under increasing pressure following a run of ten test innings where he had failed to reach thirty.

But with questions immediately being raised in the media over the ability of a network of cameras linked to a central computer to bat at number four in test cricket, India’s chairman of selectors, Sandeep Patil, was quick to respond.

“We accept that Hawk-Eye can’t accurately predict the flight of a cricket ball if it’s more than 2.5 metres away from the stumps but that’s still a considerable improvement on Sachin who’s been clean bowled in four of his last six test innings. Plus Hawk-Eye can’t be out LBW as it doesn’t have legs.”

Hawk-Eye head engineer, Paul Coleman, was also upbeat over the system’s capabilities.

“Weighing in at over a quarter of a tonne, the equipment needed to operate the Hawk-Eye system is perhaps a little cumbersome to risk stealing a quick single but we’re confident that it will still prove to be one of the more mobile fielders in the Indian team.”

The third test at Kolkata begins next Wednesday. Hawk-Eye is expected to make its test debut, injuries permitting.