Internet News – Police cyber-detectives continued to search the internet today as fears grow for the safety of dozens of comment trolls who have been missing from Cricinfo articles ever since India’s demoralizing ten wicket defeat in Mumbai on Monday.

The trolls last known whereabouts are a series of articles posted after the first day’s play at Mumbai when they left a number of disparaging comments about England’s ability to play spin bowling. Since then there has been an ominous cyber silence.

“Obviously, everyone is mildly concerned for their safety, “ confirmed Interpol spokesman, Steve Jackson, “if one of them could just return to Cricinfo and make a quick snarky reference to England players born in South Africa we’d know they were still alive and as obnoxious as ever.”

Meanwhile, comment trolls from outside India have formed a support group for their missing counterparts.

“To be honest we’re not doing anything constructive to help, “ explained English comment troll fatgat47, “we’re just thinking up ways to take the piss out of them when they return to Cricinfo. It’s what they’d want us to do.”