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Mumbai, India – There are indications tonight that the BCCI may be reconsidering their long-held objections to the controversial UDRS review system after an ICC study revealed that only 97.8% of cricket supporters consider their stance idiotic. Results that will come as a disappointment to the Indian authorities who, like all national cricket boards, strive for 100% idiocy in their policy making.

It’s understood that the BCCI’s determination to make completely nonsensical decisions has harden ever since cricket’s traditional harebrained administrators, the ECB & Cricket Australia, announced they were to stage back-to-back Ashes series and was further strengthened when the ECB shelved the Morgan Review for “not being quite stupid enough.”

“There’s a big difference between overwhelmingly and undeniably stupid, “ admitted BCCI spokesman Gokul Chanda, “and when your closest neighbours are the Pakistan Cricket Board you have to work hard to beat them at their own game by ensuring all your strategic decisions are completely bat-shit crazy. So if rejecting the use of UDRS is only 97.8% stupid then that’s just not stupid enough.”

When pushed for a timetable for the BCCI to formally accept the use of UDRS, Mr Chanda was more circumspect.

“I don’t want to second guess the board but reintroducing DRS half way through a Test match seems the most idiotic thing to do.”