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A warm welcome for all MCC members to our 189th monthly eNewsletter!

We start with some good news for those of you with family or friends on the membership waiting list as a forecast bout of unseasonably cold weather is expected to free up a number of spaces during October.

The Lord taketh and Lord’s giveth in return!


September match results:

02/09 v Yorkshire Gentlemen (5-a-side match) – Lost by 5 wickets

09/09 v City of London XI – Lost by 13 wks (Scorecard currently being audited)

16/09 v Eton Old Boys Autoerotic Asphyxia XI – Won by 7 runs. (Eton choked in penultimate over)


Membership Notice Board:

Could the owner of the white tiger cub found during the CB40 Final please collect him from the membership office. He’s becoming increasingly territorial about the far end of the Long Room and is prime suspect for the bare patches that have started to appear on the outfield.

Please Note – This matter needs to be resolved before the start of next season, by which time the RSPCA estimate he will have become sexually mature and may mistake a striped red and yellow MCC blazer for the markings of an available female.


Sticking with the animal theme, we’ve received a number of complaints about members in the bar area referring to Snoop Dogg rather than the more up to date stage name Snoop Lion when discussing Snoop’s new reggae direction. Come on people, it’s just as easy to get these things right!


Club Shop:

New in Stock:

The Day it Rained Glass – A beautiful 356 page hardback collection of conflicting ECB press releases about ‘Windowgate’.

“Watch in awe as the light of truth bends around the gravity well of modern sports PR” – London Review of Books.

First 100 copies include a personalised handwritten apology from Matt Prior.


Reduced to clear:

The aftershave that’s sweeping the cricket world. Referral by Billy Bowden.

“For the man who wants to smell like an umpire’s finger”


Social calendar

Recent Events:

“I’ve got two turntables and a ribbon microphone”

A disappointing attendance for September’s ‘Hard House Night’ but our thanks to Afrojack for his remix master class and to CMJ for a spirited Debussy/Prodigy mashup to end proceedings.



Have you been unnerved by someone complaining about social inequality? Intimidated by the lack of tweed and/or red trousers worn by riff-raff using public transport? Then why not arm yourself with tickets to October’s ‘Self defence against the working class’ class?

Event includes training in how to maim beggars with an umbrella and an angry polemic about the declining standard of table manners from Michael Henderson.


Next e-newsletter due in November is a Christmas gift ideas special.

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