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19:00 Everybody Hates Chris

Sitcom loosely based on the real life experiences of a county coach working on a South London ‘project’.

19:30 Antiques Roadshow

Our team of experts estimate the age and RRP of the Kolkata Knight Riders squad. After their woeful Champions League T20 campaign how will revised player valuations match up to the original IPL auction price?

20:00 Who Do You Think You Are?

Kolpak edition. Australian and South African club cricketers attempt to trace a relative in possession of an EU passport. Narrated through clenched teeth by Bob Willis.

21:00 Embarrassing Illnesses

37-year-old Shoaib has Dr Christian reaching for the gloves and sterilised tongs.

22:00 The Only Way is (Out of) Essex

Starring Tony Palladino, Chris Wright, Varun Chopra, David East and a cast of thousands.

23:00 Late Night Film: Field of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come (to suspend you as commissioner)”

Idealistic sports administrator, Lalit Modi, builds a cricket tournament in his backyard. As a group of players who retired decades ago assemble for one last chance to clear their tax bill, a huge crowd is attracted by the glare from Shane Warne’s teeth.