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19:00 Deal or No Deal

Early evening lottery fun as James Harris rejects county negotiations one by one. Will the remaining contract be worth more than the offer made by the evil Surrey banker?

19:30 Come Dine With Me

Much to the annoyance of the ECB fitness coach, Samit Patel prepares a meal for five then locks his front door.

20:00 Time Team

The remains of Somerset’s 2010 title hopes are discovered buried beneath a modern road. Meanwhile, Tony Robinson attempts to carbon-date a Graeme Swann joke.

21:00 Top Gear

Hosted by Ed Giddins, Dermot Reeve and Chris Lewis. Special guest Abdur Rehman tries to break the lap record in Top Gear’s ‘reasonably priced car’. Can he make it all the way round without having to stop at an all-night filling station to buy snacks?

22:00 The Cube

Yorkshire find themselves sealed into a featureless geometric structure. Can they bounce a cheque into the university bank account to gain their release?

23:00 Kevin Pietersen and Friends

 Highlights of the recent one-man show

00:00 Late Night Séance, LIVE!

Derek Acorah attempts to contact the international career of Ravi Bopara