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Lords, England – County cricket criticism is failing in its duty to develop moaners capable of making the transition into complaining about the ICC and BCCI – so claims ex-England captain turned commentator, Tony Greig.

Greig, 65, has already been in the headlines this week following the controversial MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey lecture he gave on Tuesday night which called on India to show a more considered leadership of world cricket. But it’s his latest outburst that is sure to cause waves in the tight-knit world of county cricket criticism.

“Ever since I arrived in the country to cover the England v South Africa test series I’ve been shocked at the state of domestic cricket navel-gazing,” said Greig, “People like Bob Willis and Nasser Hussein have been on the scene for donkey’s years; we’ve already heard everything they have to say. It’s time they made way for younger blood like Eoin Morgan and Mark whats-his-face.”

“The main problem is that our talent pool of complaining is being spread too thinly, with much of it padded out with commentators who are nowhere near first-class standard,” he added, “What we need is a complete restructuring of county cricket criticism. I’d like to see big business brought in to back it with hard cash. It’s the only way critics can afford to complain on a full time basis. That way you’ll get a much more professional approach to moaning and produce whingers capable of making the step up to bellyaching about international cricket.”

When asked if he himself was a critic of county cricket, Greig was equally forthcoming.

“Well, it’s been years since I watched English domestic cricket on a regular basis, which is why I’ve been asked to write a series of articles detailing its faults.”