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Colombo, Sri Lanka – Leading figures from the world of marketing have been united in praise for the dramatic batting collapse that saw Pakistan subside from 166/3 to 199 all out in yesterday’s 4th ODI against Sri Lanka. The embarrassing disintegration of Pakistan’s middle and lower order led to a 44 run defeat but is being hailed as the perfect advertisement for the recently launched Jenga: Pakistan ODI Collector’s Edition.

The puzzle, a collaboration between giant US games manufacturer, Parker Brothers, and the Pakistan Cricket Board, has been on sale for less than a week but is already the fastest selling toy of the year.

“We’ve worked very closely with the PCB on this project to make it better reflect the nature of Pakistan’s ODI side“ said Steve Bandow, head of Research and Development at the US based games manufacturer, “as a result we’ve vastly increased the difficulty level to the point where removing just one or two blocks from the very top of the tower can lead to the whole thing collapsing in a heap.”

“And it’s not just the fragility of the tower that’s been altered,” added Mr Bandow, “We also replaced the traditional wooden blocks with metal versions. That allowed us to magnetise some of the pieces making them incompatible with each other. The real skill now is in putting a stable structure together in the first place. Put two blocks that repel each other together and one of them will quickly get forced out. The PCB has assured us this is an accurate reflection of their selection meetings.”

There was one note of discord between Parker Brothers and the Pakistan cricket authorities, however.

“They were very touchy about our suggestion of incorporating a ‘Go Straight to Jail’ card,” continued Mr Bandow, “although we may get to reuse the idea now we’re developing an IPL themed Monopoly set.”

Jenga: Pakistan ODI Collector’s Edition is on sale now, RRP £24.99