Hollywood, California – With the diverse worlds of international finance, Twenty20 cricket and helicopter ownership still absorbing the news of Allen Stanford’s 110 year sentence for fraud, celebrity gossip site, TMZ, has revealed that the disgraced Texas businessman’s life story is set to become a Hollywood blockbuster.

Details remind sketchy but it’s understood the film, currently known by the working title Rejected Timberlake Project #7, is to be helmed by Transformers director, Michael Bay, and that Game of Thrones star, Peter Dinkage, has already signed on to play the lead role.

It’s understood the infamous 20/20 for $20m match will form the centrepiece of the movie with other casting options under consideration being Ice-Cube as Chris Gayle, Nicholas Lyndhurst as Stuart Broad and Dame Judy Dench bringing much needed gravitas to the role of Emily “bouncy-bouncy” Prior.

Concerns that American audiences would struggle to connect with the subject matter were dismissed by a source within Michael Bay’s production company, “They’ve focus grouped this to death and are confident that Twenty20 is sufficiently distanced from actual cricket that American audiences wouldn’t be deterred. Anyway, it’s just being used as the backdrop for Michael’s true vision of an alien invasion. He sees MCC members as an advanced sleeper unit that are triggered into action by Stanford entering the Lords pavilion without a tie.”

When asked about the obvious physical differences between Stanford and Dinklage the source was equally confident, “That’s not a problem, Peter has already agreed to wear glasses and grow a moustache.”

Rejected Timberlake Project #7 is expected to go into pre-production within the next few months.