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  • Stormtroopers continually whine about workload
  • The menacing presence of Darth Giles
  • Kent treasurer freezes himself in carbonite to avoid tax bill
  • 20 minute scene where Han Solo tries to find a Mos Eisley side road to park up the Millennium Falcon
  • Princess Leia unconcerned when Death Star blows up The Rose Bowl
  • Zero tabloid coverage of opening night
  • Arrival at Cloud City delayed until weather improves
  • Invisible choke hold used on anyone who ‘shows a lack of faith’ or walks behind the bowler’s arm
  • Rebellion ignited when Ladies Pavilion at Worcester runs out of cake
  • “This was your father’s light sabre, Luke. And this was his thermos. And this was the Tupperware box he used for egg and cress sandwiches.”