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Chapter Nine – A Bachelor No More

Martin was right of course, it made sense for her to move in with him. After all, she stayed over most nights now and when she didn’t the early morning bus ride across town to prepare him breakfast in bed was cutting deep into her flexi-time allowance; the knock-on effects of which weighed heavily on his mind.

“It’s a bugger when you can’t leave work early to iron mi’ whites,” he’d said, concern dripping from every syllable.

But that was Martin in a nutshell, always thinking of her.

Sure, he was still an ongoing project, with rough edges in need of smoothing over. She could certainly no longer tolerate the breadbin being used to store his bowling boots and the ‘motivational’ poster of Carol Vorderman above their bed would have to go.

At times it seemed too much of a task to tame him – such as the discovery that he would deliberately break the speed limit on the off chance that the pretty young traffic policewoman who operated on the A647 could be persuaded to tase him – but she was determined to make things work.

At least progress was being made, as by the end of their first week together she’d sunk wearily onto their bed only to see the ceiling above them was now poster free.

“I don’t need Carol anymore,” said Martin, as he switched off the light, “I’ve moved on, I’ve grown as a person.”

She closed her eyes and smiled contentedly, unaware of the faint smell of singed arm hair caused earlier that night by the high-voltage shock administered to him by the only member of the West Riding Constabulary who moonlighted as a Rachel Riley look-a-like.

Extract reproduced by kind permission of Ms Davina Masterson