Chapter Eight – To Hold Again Her Puppies

Something was on his mind. She could tell by the pensive way he rubbed the Dukes county grade ball up and down his trousers, as well as the fact he’d told her “I have something on my mind”. But what could it be? There were a hundred and one possibilities, even though she could only think of about three. But none of them prepared her for the joy of what he actually had to say.

“I love you more than any dog” explained Martin, “even my luckless childhood pet, Sammy. And you know, ever since Sammy chased that damn white ball into the road, I’ve had an aversion to one-day cricket and a Labrador shaped hole in my heart. But now, I think you could help me fix that, particularly if you crouched down on all fours and yelped enthusiastically. Do you mind crouching down and yelping for me?”

As she lowered herself to the floor, she smiled and uttered the words he’d longed to hear.

“Will this really help you learn how to come off a short run up?”

The speed with which he drew the curtains gave its own response…

Extract reproduced by kind permission of Ms Davina Masterson