Chapter Six – The Start of the Affair

Who could have known their passion would finally be consummated that evening? As his promise of romance had turned out to be two tickets for the Challenge Cup quarterfinal between Leeds and St Helens. Yet they say that love will conquer all and so it was to be for them.

His mounting frustration at not being able to find a car-parking space close to the ground was masked by the songs of love playing on the radio.

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” sang Lionel Richie as they finally reversed into the disabled space next to a local shop.

“Fuck it,” said Martin, “If anyone asks, tell them you’ve got diabetes”.

But once inside the ground, they grew closer. She loved every part of him that night. The glint in his eyes from the floodlights, the smudge of ketchup sauce that ran across his right cheek and his bellicose laughter when the opposition scrum-half was kicked in the genitals. He was her man and she felt safe in his gentle embrace – the comforting feeling of his arm around her shoulders whilst he shouted scatological abuse at the referee.

When they made it back to his house there seemed to be no controlling their passion. Clothes where ripped from each other as they traversed from room to room, stopping only when he remembered to go back and put out a bowl of water for his Labrador pup, Jessie.

When he returned, all sense of time and place was lost, as finally they lay there, naked and silent in each other’s arms, holding their gaze for what seemed an eternity. A perfect moment and one that wasn’t broken until she sensed a presence behind her, followed by a shudder as something cold and wet moved up her leg.

“Don’t worry about the dog, he’s just curious,” said Martin, ”He’ll bugger off once he’s had a quick sniff of yer arse”.


Extract reproduced by kind permission of Ms Davina Masterson