Chapter Four – Love Beneath the Covers

It was the combination of his spontaneity and generous nature that had captured her heart. A mixture that fused together on that unforgettable evening. It had started, as their trysts would so often do, with the £5.99 special at Bretts fish restaurant, followed by a choice of beverage at the Skyrack as long as she “didn’t take the piss and order ‘owt too pricey”.

But once out in the cold night air the adventure had just begun, as he took her gently by the hand and led her back through the dimly lit Headingley streets to the familiar walls of the stadium. How they got in she couldn’t say. One moment she was glancing nervously towards the students drunkenly staggering across the road, the next they were making their way behind the stands into the protection of the groundsman’s hut.

Her heart was racing as she realised that at last they were alone, sheltered from the prying eyes of the outside world.

“I’ve brought you here for a reason”, Martin said, “I think you know what I want”.

She gave a barely audible gasp as he continued.

“Give us a hand raising the blades on this mower will you. There’ll be no grass left on that pitch by the time the groundsman’s finished…”


Extract reproduced by kind permission of Ms Davina Masterson