Since becoming ‘persona non selecto’ with the ECB establishment, shaggy haired medium pace trundler, Matthew Hoggard, has supplemented his meagre county wages by pursuing a secret second life as Davina Masterson, author of the Mills and Boon Martin Haggard: Willow against Leather series of erotic cricket fiction.

They’re a firm favourite in the Worcestershire Ladies Pavilion and extracts from his latest masterpiece, Captain of Her Heart, are reproduced here to give you a flavour of Matthew’s distinctive literary style.

……………….Media Buzz……………….

“Three hours of your life you’ll never get back” – Times Literary Supplement.

“He’s written what?” – Michael Vaughan

“How would Matthew Hoggard like it if I started bowling leg-cutters?” – Barbara Taylor Bradford

“Naming a character Cliff Abrahams is fooling no one. As soon as he starts talking in meaningless sports clichés, it’s obvious who it’s based on” – Chris Adams

“Seriously, he’s written what?” – Michael Vaughan