5th October 2011

First full day of training in India. A smattering of Barmy Army supporters have already arrived to watch us practise.

Embarrassing incident during first net session when a lofted drive from KP hit a small blonde-haired child playing in the outfield. We’d carried him inside for an ice-cream, apology and a bandage on his hurt boo-boo before someone realised it was Scott Borthwick. Easy mistake to make; who hears an English accent and thinks “this guy must have been selected by Geoff Miller”?

Anywho, management have decided to go with name-tags for the newer members of the squad from now on. A decent idea, although it does mean Ravi’s under the impression we have a reserve wicketkeeper on tour called ‘Concierge’.

Will spend this evening trying to convince him that’s Latin for vice-captain…