And so, on the 22nd August 2011, the unthinkable has happened. The end of an era. The moment a billion souls had been dreading. A disaster unfolds before their eyes. Humiliation hangs heavy on distraught shoulders. A burden lightened only by thoughts that such indignity would never have happened back home in India.

For in a distant field of London, Sachin Tendulkar is given out lbw.

A nation shakes its collective head in disbelief. The spirit of cricket weeps as the little master is adjudged to have been hit on the pads in the manner of an ordinary mortal.

All this and the decision has been made when Sachin is nine runs short of a hundredth international century.

Poor, brave, crazy, Rod Tucker. You stuck your finger in the air and now we get to find out if Indian supporters’ grasp on English is sufficient to write obscene limericks.

Sir, the effigy manufacturing industry of a sub-continent salutes you.


Have watched in silence as the ICC test championship mace was presented to England.

Mixed feelings.

On one hand it’s an acknowledgement of our fall from the summit; a physical as well as metaphorical passing over of the baton. On the other hand, it does look like Andrew Strauss is walking round with the centrepiece from the buffet at a Liberace themed orgy.

It’s about the only thing the BCCI have wanted out of the boardroom because it was too ostentatious.

Well, that and Lalit Modi.