Back to London. That can only mean one thing. Yet more pressure for an outing to see Shrek the Musical.

Personally I’m finding it hard to get enthusiastic about the idea. It’s not the production itself – I’ve seen Meatloaf in concert and I can’t believe the experience is too far removed – it’s hanging round the stage door afterwards that’s really putting me off. Shuffling about in the cold London night air, just so Sreesanth can get Richard Blackwood’s autograph, isn’t my idea of fun.

What’s the big deal about the guy anyway? Yes, he’s billed as the British Chris Rock. So you keep saying. Well I won’t get your hopes up, son. Praveen was billed as the Indian Stuart Broad before the series started and that didn’t stop him getting fined for dissent at Trent Bridge did it? Exactly. Who’s your daddy Praveen? Not an ICC match referee, that’s for sure. So much for that comparison.


Afraid we need a radical shake-up of fielding practice, as one or two of the older players have had run of the squad for far too long.

Take today’s sprints. One side of the Oval to the other. Simple. Except India operate a handicap system where you take a stride forward for each test cap you have. In practice that means the youngsters start with their backs to the advertising boards, Praveen’s about five yards in front of them, Raina a few yards in front of him, and Sachin, Dravid and the rest of Dad’s Army are in the cafe next to the tube station ordering lattes and carrot cake.

I don’t care if they ‘got a stitch crossing the road’, that doesn’t count as a cardiovascular workout.

Fielding drill is for practising slip catching, not learning the Polish for ‘can you cut the crusts off’.