I don’t care where the waxwork of Prince came from.

And I don’t care what he’s calling himself now.

I don’t care if Little Red Corvette is a “criminally underrated song”.

And I don’t care how many albums he made with The New Power Generation.

I just want that weird looking mannequin off the tour bus.

No smartarse, the waxwork of Prince.


Been given further details of Zak’s replacement, R P Singh. Have told reporter from Times of India that supporters should downgrade their expectations from AAA to AA+.


Sachin has suggested I open a twitter account. Says it’s a good way to communicate your thoughts to the general cricket public. What on earth makes him think I’d want to do that? If there was an emoticon for staring impassively then perhaps.


Is that close? Could I post it every day?

Sod that, I’ll wait for my Google+ invite. Then MS can take his laptop to press conferences, put me in hangout mode and I can glare at the reporters like a malevolent Max Headroom.

The wonders of the technological age we live in…