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Brian Close reads A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

At a recording studio in Central Leeds.

“It was t’ best of times, it was t’ worst of times, it was t’ age of wisdom, it was t’ age of T’ Morgan Review, it was t’ epoch of belief, it was t’ epoch of six weeks 20 bloody 20, it was t’ season of light, it was t’ season Neil Mallender took us off early so he could watch Countdown, it was t’ spring of hope, it was t’ winter we signed Rana Naved, we had everyone ahead of us in t’ table, we had an angry Yorkshire membership behind us, we were going…”

“Erm, Brian, sorry to interrupt, but could we stick to the agreed text?”

“What? Oh reet, me mind wandered a bit there.”

“That’s ok. Look we’ll go again from the beginning on three. One, two, three, and we’re rolling…”

“Appen it was t’ Tino Best of times…”

“Oh, for goodness sake…”