In the words of George Peppard, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

What was his character in the A-Team called? I forget. Face, BA and Murdock I know; but the other one? I can remember he was in charge but I’ve no idea what he did, let alone his name. That kind of makes him the blueprint for my ideal of the anonymous leader. I’d try to model myself on him, but his obsession with guns is out of line with the new touchy-feely image the BCCI are unsuccessfully trying to promote, plus the cigar’s a real fire hazard now the Indian sweat shops have stopped making pads out of asbestos.

Can’t see the team ever featuring a guest appearance by Boy George either, although injuries are starting to cut down our options.

But I’ll tell you what else I liked about the A-Team. The way they’d build something really cool out of any old bits of debris they found lying around. That’s pretty much what I’m trying to do right now with India’s bowling attack.

I’ve managed to make some headway on that over the last few days. Sreesanth’s been persuaded to shave off that ridiculous bum-fluff moustache that made him look like one of those precocious Asian school kids you see on Countdown. Plus I’ve finally got Sharma to rein back his haircut from Slayer to Big Country. Praveen of course didn’t have to change a thing. He’s already got a very sensible close crop and is doing really well for us. I can’t wait to drop him once he’s become a firm fan favourite.

Anyway, all that careful hirsute management produced results today. We went through England like a hot knife through butter.

Until we got to the scrapings at the bottom of the tub that is.


I’ll tell you the worst thing about being Indian coach – Sourav Ganguly working for ESPN.

It’s not the guy’s commentating that gets to me, it’s the fact he’s got feelings of entitlement the size of Farokh Engineer’s waistline. He waltzed striaght into our dressing room today, sat down in my chair, and ordered himself a sandwich from our hotel’s room service.

Erm, excuse me. We’re in enough trouble with them as it is, thanks to Sreesanth and Manuf riding up and down in the lifts all night.

And then he calls them back and decides he wants some crisps and a can of coke too. But the waiter’s already set off so they’ll have to send a second guy now which means two delivery charges. But hey, Sourav’s “ok, with that”.

FFS, there’s a Tesco Express across the road that does all that as a meal deal for £3. How much more is the hotel going to charge us? Am I the only one worried about the end of tour party budget? We’re not getting stuck with a karaoke night again just because Souray bloody Ganguly refuses to queue up for a BLT and monster munch like everyone else.


Hannibal!!! George Peppard’s name in the A-Team was Hannibal!

I’d of never got a wink of sleep tonight if I hadn’t remembered that.