We are now firmly entrenched in base camp, Nottingham.

The realisation that Zak will be unavailable for the match has refocused Sreesanth’s mind from the disappointment of not seeing Shrek the Musical whilst we were in London. A sore point with him over the last few days. But he knows the score on that. The booking office only had restricted view tickets left and no one, no one, sits Sachin behind a pillar.

So it was The Lion King or nothing. I don’t care if “it’s not the same”. When you’re outvoted you accept the group decision. Never mind what the BCCI rep says; you accept it.


Interested to watch Tremlett hobble around in training today. I’d estimate his mobility as somewhere between corpse and Ian Botham’s bowling circa 1992. Corpse being the more animated end of the scale.

Without him I guess they’ll have to bring in Bresnan or Finn or Onions or Dernbach or Shahzad or Woakes. How many back-up bowlers with international experience do they have again? Laughable way to run a side. Once you’ve picked your core 12/13 players you stick with them. Whatever happens. However bad they’re playing. However injured they are. Picking anyone else is a sign of weakness. Imagine what would have happened if I’d only picked fit in-form players for Australia in 2006/07. The tour would have been a disaster.