Papers full of reports that Hawkeye can’t be used in test series. Don’t understand why press are being so hostile. Can’t they understand our point of view? If you rely on Hawkeye’s predictive element you’re allowing your fate to be dictated by scientifically unproven guesswork. No Indian cricketer will accept that; particularly the Capricorns in our squad now that the moon’s in its ascendant phase.


Sachin batting in nets is a magnificent sight. His correctness of technique. His fixed concentration. His embarrassment as teammates lay rose petals in his path when he nips for a comfort break.

Everyone hoping he makes 100th international 100 at home of cricket. Who would have thought such a target possible? Frightening to think he could still play on for years. But then modern dietary and training techniques make 40 the new 30. Just as modern obesity rates make 88 the new 69.


Spotted Nasser observing nets from a distance. Held his gaze momentarily and remembered the self-righteous anger we’ve shared on so many occasions. A beautiful moment. Disgust over minor fielding lapses can bring a captain and coach together. Create a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Tight bastard still owes me a drink, though.


Intrigued by Steve Waugh’s idea to use lie detectors in cricket. Not sure how it’d work.

Perhaps for the next ICC meeting the various international boards could wire themselves up via a polygraph to a set of lights and a keyboard and use it as a form of rudimentary communication like in the first contact scene from Close Encounters.

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Ire land can fuck offfffff

That’s never been said explicitly of course, but the harmonic pattern of lies would give it away…