Relieved to be back on terra firma. Not from any fear of flying, but I drew the short straw and had to sit next to Sreesanth. Four hours overexcited prattle about seeing Shrek the Musical later and I wanted to cement over my ears.

What makes it worse is he insisted on having the window seat then didn’t look out of the damn window once. Unbelievable.

[Side Note: Make sure he sits next to someone else on team coach. NOT BHAJJI]


Trouble getting through customs. VVS’s Bon Jovi belt buckle set off metal detector. Would have been ok if Dravid hadn’t asked security staff if machinery accurate beyond distance of 2.5 metres.

Answer: No.

Result: Squad digs heels in. BCCI has to buy controlling stake in British Airport Authorities so we can get through to baggage claim.

Have feeling this is going to be long tour.


In confusion at airport Sharma wandered off and spent all his cash at Terminal 3 gift shop. Didn’t realise what happened till we got to hotel and caught him trying to tip bus boy with novelty Beefeater hat and Royal wedding snow cone.

Great, that means I’ll have to phone his parents and ask them to Western Union him extra spending money, ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE TRIP.

I am not paid enough to deal with this shit.


Held another “Get to know you session” after we’d settled at hotel.  Have implemented these as way to better understand players; better understand how to utilise their life skills on the field of play.

Tonight we learnt that Zak can play Jai Ho on the triangle. Struggling to see how I integrate that into our game plan.