On flight from Caribbean to London. Sit in M&S travel poncho and reflect on job well done.

One-nil away from home. The king of test series outcomes. We came. We saw. We conquered (in a third of the games). A lot of people will tell you 1-0 is a narrow win, but they’re just idiots and/or statisticians.

What we achieved was actually a far greater triumph than the 5-0 Ashes whitewash inflicted on my England side in 2006/07. Think about it. Those last two Australian victories were a complete waste of effort as the Ashes were already won. Whereas every single test performance by India in the West Indies counted towards our series win. A 40% greater efficiency.

That’s why it’s so annoying to hear that Australian side constantly talked up. Even at the height of their powers they may as well have not turned up half the time. What kind of business model operates like that? A Greek one, that’s what – although I believe most Greek workers retire at an earlier age than Warne & McGrath.

Well, you won’t find that kind of taking it easy, strolling to victory, inefficiency in any side coached by me.


Disappointed at criticism of our decision not to pursue a final day run chase in Dominica. Typical of the short-sighted nature of cricket journalists. I’m not paid to entertain the press; that’s what their expense accounts and East European hotel bar hookers are for. My job is to plan ahead, and the way we declined that run chase tells you everything about how I’m preparing Team India for our upcoming tour. It says, “Hey, England, we’re coming to your back yard and we’re going to play you at your own game”.

People need to remember, I turned England into a highly organised, risk averse team that powered its way to no.2 in the ICC test rankings. Believe you me, that’s exactly what I intend to do with India.