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Headingley, Leeds – England’s now traditional mid-summer 2020 season may be set for a radical shake-up following today’s announcement by Yorkshire that they’re to host a special ‘cricket themed’ 2020 game later this month. The match, which is being billed as ‘2020 but not as you know it’, will feature players dressed in all white and is scheduled to last four days.

“2020 is all about innovation,” explained Yorkshire’s head of marketing, Doug Septum, “We wanted to try something a bit different to catch the public’s imagination and what could be more different to 2020 than a game of cricket?”

“We’re keen to make the experience as authentic as possible, so we’ll have minimal advertising for the event and plan to schedule it mid-week so as few people as possible can attend,” continued Septum, “We’ve asked the ECB for their co-operation and they’ve agreed to make our England players unavailable by organising a Lions’ hydrotherapy get together at the same time. It all builds up that unique county cricket atmosphere of neglected disinterest from the games administrators.”

It’s understood that Yorkshire have also been given permission to experiment with a red ball, no walk on music and two tactical timeouts lasting 40 and 20 minutes each.

Yorkshire’s head of professional cricket, Martyn Moxon, remains sceptical however, “I understand the club’s need to find ways of generating extra revenue but playing a cricket game in the middle of the 2020 season is just crazy. How am I supposed to prepare the squad for such a radical change of gear? Some of them won’t have played a defensive shot for weeks, let alone practised slip catching. And that’s without mentioning the difficulty we have getting two sets of plastic dugouts up the stairs and through the dressing room doors.”

But despite those reservations, it seems some things will remain unchanged. “It’s still being billed as a 2020 fixture,” explained Harold Grimdyke, operator of Yorkshire supporter site battingforadraw.com, “so I expect Yorkshire will lose the match as usual. That’s a 2020 tradition I can’t see being altered.”

In related news: Surrey have cancelled their own darts themed night featuring Phil “The Power” Taylor and glamorous walk on girls. “It was a great idea,” insisted a spokesman for the club, “but the costs were eating into the budget for next week’s half-time pole dancing display.”