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Pune, India – The ECB have been forced to make a swift apology today after inadvertently selecting an IPL player for the upcoming England Lions match against Sri Lanka on the 19th May. The player concerned, Eoin Morgan, had been originally scheduled to represent Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian based 20/20 tournament on the same day.

“It was a genuine mistake,” commented ECB managing director, Hugh Morris, “We assumed he was at home with is feet up like the rest of the England squad. No one imagined for a second one of them would actually be playing cricket at this time of year.”

But with Morgan still set to return to England for Lions duty it’s unlikely Morris’s words will do much to quell the widespread anger and disbelief in Indian at what’s being interpreted as a blatant disregard for the long-standing traditions of IPL.

“This is typical of the ECB’s attitude towards domestic cricket,“ said a spokesman for the Kolkata Knight Riders, “they don’t seem to care that Eoin is an integral part of our team. He’s been averaging almost seventeen this season, which in 20/20 terms is worth $350K a year. Now it looks like he’ll miss our inaugural game against Pune Warriors. Does tradition mean nothing to these people?”

Also selected for the Lions squad were Jonny Bairstow and Ajmal Shahzad. Both players will now miss the 269th Roses match between Yorkshire and Lancashire.