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  • West Indies unhappy at challenge to title of “shittiest colonial experience”
  • Be fair, they discussed the issue for hours before agreeing this was the worst solution
  • Like the World Cup needs another team who can humiliate England in ODI’s!
  • No snakes in the country? The BCCI delegate ain’t puttin’ up with that shit
  • Want to cut tournament length to a sexy sounding nine and a half weeks
  • Hadn’t done anything particularly stupid for a while and wanted to see if they still had the old magic
  • Colgate sponsorship threatened by thought of Shane MacGowan singing their national anthem
  • Embarrassing when a Test nation loses to a side playing on their flex-day
  • Don’t think of it as losing out on a World Cup campaign, think of it as gaining English scouts at the Associate member’s tournament

And the main reason…

  • They’re fecking eejits