20th March 2011

It’s taken a month but we’ve finally proved Australia is a better side than Kenya, and that Sri Lanka are the superiors of Canada. A piece of sporting research the cricket world can feel justifiably proud of.

A lot of people, the ICC included, want to remove this four-yearly process of elimination from the World Cup. They say the associate nations aren’t strong enough; that they water down the quality of the competition. But if that’s true, why has it taken so long to knock them out this time?

Exactly. It doesn’t make logical sense, and the ICC is all about the logic.

Waters are muddied even further in Group B where England have turned the one-day rankings upside down, tipped out the contents of their pockets, then wee’d in them JUST BECAUSE WE CAN.

The result of all that? The following equation:

Ireland > England = India > Bangladesh > England = India > Ireland

You can’t argue with that. Or understand it. That’s the enormity of England’s achievement in this World Cup. We’ve not only broken the ICC rankings table, we’ve holed logical thought below the water line.

Whoever wins the World Cup can celebrate all they like. England are already dancing on the graves of Plato and Socrates.