7th March 2011

Jimmy Anderson is a happy bunny. I know he’s a happy bunny as he told me “I’m a happy bunny” whilst smiling and bouncing up and down. Jimmy can be a bit of an enigma at times but after a while you learn to pick up on these tell-tale indications of his mood.

You can understand his elation after yesterday. Not only did we find a team even more skilled at throwing away a game than ourselves, but after all the extra fielding drills of late, Jimmy’s finally getting the support he needs from the guys in the inner ring. Nothing undermines his attempts to cultivate a street-wise hard man image more than mid-wicket fighting to suppress a smirk every time he gives a batsman his best penetrating scowl and of late I think we’ve all been guilty of letting him down over this. I’ve certainly got to own up to laughing whenever he did his growl with “tiger claw” hand gestures during the powerplay overs.

Obviously Stuart is still fair game when he does the same thing, but then he makes it look like he’s taking part in a female wrestling bout.

KP hasn’t been laughing though. He daren’t. Not with a hernia. At least that’s what he claims to have. All I know is management disappeared into the medic’s room with him earlier today and after a bit of gentle prodding the physio finally agreed to let him go home. Now I’m not say anything’s untoward about all this, just that after we lose to Ireland and then watch South Africa implode under pressure, KP’s suddenly incapacitated, and Eoin’s flying out as replacement.

Presumably the ECB have already been searching Brick Lane for another back-up player should Bangladesh turn us over on Friday; although if the West Indies beat us the following Thursday we’ll make do with our current squad. We’ve got problems but I think we can all agree we shouldn’t let our standard of play drop too low.