24th February 2011

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it, let’s open the bowling with a spinner.

Well, perhaps, perhaps not.

This World Cup’s fashion statement to go – the powerplay slow bowler – might be de rigueur amongst most of the other nations but I may have screwed the pooch for Swanny by mentioning to management that Adil was used that way during the recent 20/20 Big Bash in Australia. This of course puts the tactic in a very poor light given the two Andies view anything associated with leg-spin with all the suspicion you’d reserve for a poker website fronted by Salman Butt. These days Team England very much conform to a strict “two fingers good, entire wrist bad” mantra; which, as you can imagine, is not exactly the kind of thing a group of sportsmen thousands of miles from home want to hear.

So with three days to go before Virender Sehwag tries to launch the first cricket ball into orbit, no one’s entirely sure what our powerplay tactics will be. Spin? Seam? Attack? Defence? Protect and survive? Stick on Yardy, then whitewash the dressing room windows and hide under a table with several months worth of canned goods?  Who knows? Not us, and that means neither do the opposition. It feeds perfectly into our plan of not having a plan, so that India can’t plan for the plan.

That’s right, Gary Kirsten, run that indecision up your flagpole of strategic synergy. Andy Flower’s out thought you again.