16th January 2011

Interesting game today; Australia tried Steve Smith at four in the order, which as ideas go is right up there with having Stanley Unwin as your default SatNav voice or using balsa wood coffins for burials at sea.

Yet somehow the opposition still won.

Most of that’s down to Shane Watson. You could say we were Wattoed. Which is similar to being Tangoed in that a strange looking orange bloke suddenly starts slapping you around.

I guess it was inevitable that after playing against all-rounders full of confidence like Luke Wright and Mike Yardy, Shane would eventually get a contact high. You can only hope the coaching staff at Sussex receive due praise for their part in this Australian victory. But they probably won’t. Life’s like that sometimes. Logical.

I know a lot of people are going to criticise England’s fielding, but to be fair we’ve raised a lot of awareness for motor neuron research. If Jonathon Trott’s attempt to catch Watson off Trembler didn’t make you want to dip into your wallet, you’ve got no heart (or were laughing too hard to remember where you’d left it).

But let’s not dwell on the negative. Today belongs to Shane Watson. A man who after a season of hard work with Tim Nielsen has finally worked out if you play two fifties on the same day without stopping in-between, you get a hundred.

That’s a triumph for Australian sport.

If, perhaps, a damning indictment of the country’s education system.