12th January 2011

Wow, how unpredictable was that? But then I guess the great thing about a 20/20 game is you can get as close as forty overs from the end and still not have a clue who’s going to win.

A few changes to our team for this match: Morgan in for his batting, Yardy for his bowling and Luke Wright to use up some of the hair products Broady left behind.

I say Yardy’s in for his bowling, but I’m not sure how you’d describe it. It doesn’t spin, it’s not especially slow, and it’s got all the loop of a fire extinguisher dropped down an elevator shaft. Well, they say cricket’s ninety percent played in the mind, so I suppose a lot of his success must be down to mental pressure on the batsmen. There they are, thousands watching in the stadium, millions more on television, the thought’s always got to be at the back of their mind – if Channel Nine show a cartoon duck when you get out to Brett Lee, what’ll be played if I get bowled by this shit? Mickey Mouse being euthanized? Scrappy-Doo dry-humping my leg?

You don’t get that kind of threat of embarrassment with Graeme Swann. Twenty-six off his first over tells you just how much the Australian’s respect his bowling.

Thought it was a good debut from Woakes today, although I’d like to see him bowl the odd delivery quicker than Mike Yardy. You know, for the variation. Chris closed out the game for us too, but it was still a well deserved Man of the Match award for Shane Watson. He’s the stand out player in this Australian side, in the same way Nicolas Cage’s hairpiece is the best thing about that remake of The Wicker Man.

Anyway, I make that England (IPL valuation, $1,250,000) 1 – Australia (IPL valuation, $6,040,000) 0