8th January 2011

Looking back now it all seems so humiliating doesn’t it? Humbling even. I mean, $950,000 for Johan Botha and not a single IPL auction bid for Swanny. Some people might find that funny. But they’re dead inside. Or Australian. Or me.

I joke, but there’s a serious side to this: how’s Graeme going to pay his court fees now?

Still, Paul Collingwood did ok. But then he always does well out of an Ashes series. Seventeen runs for an MBE back in 2005, eighty three for a $250,000 IPL contract this time round, and I believe he got a 2 for 1 deal from Blockbuster Video after the 2006/7 series. Given the context, that last one was a tad generous perhaps.

We probably shouldn’t have spent so much time watching the auction today, but what better way to recover from a hangover than to watch a bunch of 20 year old Indian batsmen become instant millionaires. That’s great news for Indian cricket. Handing the next generation of talent a life changing payday without them having to put in years of pointless hard work first, is one of the reasons England’s football team is so successful.

Oh God, I’m going to have to brace myself for five piping-hot minutes of torpor, Cap’n Ring-on-a-string is about to deliver his thank you speech to everyone who helped us achieve such a stunning series victory. It’s a shame the Chairman of Selectors can’t be thanked in person for his role, but then I guess Andrew’s pretty busy at the moment.

Perhaps Geoff Miller can pass on our gratitude next time he sees him? There’s bound to be a Hilditch led tourist group to the 2013 Ashes, isn’t there?