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25th December 2010

I bloody knew it. As soon as I saw Finn sneaking off into town yesterday, I knew he was up to something. And there it was this morning under the team Christmas tree; a DVD box set of Rosemary & Thyme for Cap’n Ring-on-a-String, from his favourite home club string bean.

Bloody Southerners, they’ll do owt to get into the starting line-up.

What makes it worse is I barely got a thank you for my homemade Michael Buble calendar. Does Straussy realise how difficult it is to find twelve pictures of that guy where he’s not looking smug? I spent most of last night covered in glitter and child friendly non-toxic paste making that. Her inside the hotel room doors was far from impressed. She’s going to be doubly annoyed if I miss out on a test place because Finny had the inside track on the beloved leader’s devotion to all things Felicity Kendall.

I’ll have to pin my hopes on Andy Flower now. God, I hope he likes that Robert Mugabe autobiography Mum and Dad found before they came out. Apparently Andy gets a name check. Which is nice…