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20th December 2010

The autopsy continues into our recent prolonged bout of Seppuku at Perth, as AJ and myself spent most of the day locked in with Andy Flower whilst he gave us the hair-dryer treatment about the teams ‘collective failure’. Boy, the pair of us really seem to have dropped the ball on this.

Ideally, the rest of the squad would have been there too, but Cap’n Ring-on-a-string had already taken the batsmen aside to ‘rethink their approach’ in the hotel spa area. Whilst the remaining bowlers are trying to track down Jimmy who was last seen heading off into town randomly shouting abuse at passers-by as he went.

Still, the air certainly seems to have been cleared, now full responsibility has been accepted by the squad’s Yorkshire contingent. Thankfully no fines haves been handed out but the extra laps of the pool we were given this afternoon as punishment were made all the more difficult when our batsmen returned from the hydrotherapy room and started mucking about with a beach ball at the shallow end.

It’s hard to reflect on how your twelfth man duties have undermined tour momentum when Colly and Matt are disrupting your rhythm by doing widths in front of your path.

Only to be expected though, the pair of them have been playing across the line all winter.