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12th December 2010

Shane Warne and Liz Hurley. That was a shocker wasn’t it? For him I mean. There he is, getting a bit of recreational MILF action and bam! The roof caves in.

“My husband & I separated a few months ago.”

Shane must be shitting himself. Turns out she’s single after all. No wonder he’s flying back home. Perhaps now he will play Test cricket again. The Australian team would be the last place Liz Hurley looks to find a high class spin bowler.

Of course the real loser in all this is Matt Prior. Poor bugger waits all tour for people to notice he exists and then as soon as he scores a match saving century the only thing anyone wants to talk about is Shane Warne getting his hands on Miss Kensington’s clopper. Although to be fair, of the two, I know what most sports fans would rather see.

Oh God, I need to go and wash the sexism off me again.

Thank goodness the WAG’s are almost here.