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Writing2nd December 2010

Day to go and despite the comforting cooing noises about Mitchell Johnson coming from the Australian camp, common sense has finally prevailed, and the Barmy Army’s favourite comedy turn has been shoved onto a raft labelled “work things out in first-class cricket” and left to drift away into the wide blue nothingness of Sheffield Shield cricket.

I guess his performance in the last Test proved too embarrassing. A line had to be drawn. A chance given for a man to regain his feelings of self-worth. Mitchell had just reached a level of lost dignity where an Australian audience were no longer prepared to watch. Quite an achievement given that ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ has been selling out theatres over here for twelve years now.

Going back into the domestic game isn’t the end of the world though. Similar thing happened to me back in 2006 after the Sri Lankans went all Kung Fu Panda on the England ODI attack. Those were the days of Duncan Fletcher back then, when failure to bow with a full forward press whenever he entered the room meant a return to the gulag archipelago of county circuit.

Well, going back to Yorkshire didn’t mean the end to my International career. Just look at me now. I’ve bounced all the way back from ‘can’t get in the one day side’ to ‘can’t get into the Test team’.

You can’t tell me that’s not progress.