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20th November 2010

Phillip Hughes was right; Australia A did set us a fourth innings target to chase. Nine. Plenty of touring sides in the past would’ve struggled with that. Not us. Not now. We look at that sort of total and think, if the top order fails, Stuart Board, outside edge to the third man boundary, job done. It’s that kind of positive thinking that’s got us to where we are now. Fourth in the ICC Test match rankings.

Today wasn’t just a victory for justice, common sense and decency. We’ve also stitched the Aussie selectors up like a kipper. Ferguson and Khawaja have been rendered unselectable. Whilst Hughes’ off-side slashes – the batting equivalent of self-harming – were fed like a hungry, hungry hippo. We have, in the words of Andy Flower, “outsourced Australia’s selection options to youhavegototbefuckingkiddingme Indiana”.


Not sure we can claim responsibility for Hauritz being dropped though. Think he blocked his own toilet there. Poor Nathan; now officially the third best spinner in Australia. That’s like being the third best looking in Metallica or the third best singer in Jedward. Doesn’t bear thinking about.