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16th November 2010

What to do in Hobart on a Tuesday evening? Museum of fishing injuries? Croc World petting zoo? Not me. Made my excuses, sneaked away, and bam, Leonard Cohen at the Derwent Centre. Swanny would’ve hated it. The lyrics of Tower of Song are all well and good, but they wouldn’t have the same deep emotional resonance for him as Cigarettes & Alcohol or Fuckin’ In The Bushes.

Some of the squad looked a bit blearily eyed the following morning. Predicable given they ended up at the local titty-bar. Bit rough, apparently. Monty said the doormen had lip sores and the strippers had facial scars. Makes me homesick for the West Riding.

“Empire XI”. Nice one, Allan Border. And music to the ears of Usman Khawaja, I’m sure. Australia are years behind us in developing Asian talent aren’t they? Watch and learn Cricket Australia. Watch how we carefully nurture them, learn how we mentor them as they mature. Then brief the press, off the record, that they’re lazy, slow to learn, wasters. And never pick them. It’s called multiculturalism.

Play Australia A tomorrow. Looking forward to “uploading my muscle memory” and “downsizing negativity”.

Jeez, Flower’s even got me thinking this crap now…